Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Republican Dream Team

Do we really want to beat Obama?  Do we really want to see this country return to greatness?  This kind of A List team was last seen in 1776...

Credit for this blog goes to an unknown Patriot.

How  about this for a Republican slate!!!  

Here  is a winning strategy that would set Obama and his Cronies way,  way back on their heels.  If Romney would take this advice,  it would clearly send a message to the Republican establishment  that conservatives aren’t going to do business as usual any more.  
It  would shake the establishment, and pull together and really  energize conservative voters.  Here is a little something  else this would do…It would shake the Obama campaign to its  core.
Rather  than a leisurely march toward a VP nominee or a surprise VP  announcement like we got in 2008, vet the possible VPs NOW and  stand ready to announce the running mate in a nationally televised  press conference the day after the delegates are in  hand.  

Allen West  Vice  President
Having  Congressman West in the VP slot makes him a TRIPLE THREAT  and a VP who WILL redefine the role.  Triple  threat?
1.          As  the Vice President he would attend to the regular duties and be a  heartbeat away from the presidency.
2.          Vice  President West would also act as a second Secretary of State in  difficult diplomatic negotiations.
3.          AND…A  Vice President West would work in concert with the Secretary of  Defense to realign our military and redefine its role.
  Triple  threat.   Oh but this is just the START of the strategy!!! 
As  soon as Romney has introduced West as the running  mate…  ROMNEY  WOULD THEN INTRODUCE HIS CHOICE FOR SECRETARY OF  STATE!…  

John  Bolton
As  a former Ambassador to the United Nations there is nobody with a  better handle on the world’s issues or more familiar with the  players.  John Bolton is tough, straight forward and not  likely to appease ANYONE.
Now,  you have the nominees on stage, the VP choice and the Secretary of  State nominee…Let’s not stop there.  Next to walk onto the  stage…

Sarah  Palin
Secretary of Energy.
Palin’s  directive…Set us on the path toward energy independent in 10  years.  Anyone more invested in that goal?  Anyone who  is more knowledgeable or adept?    Can  you feel the ground starting to shake?   Next  out of the wings and onto the stage…

General  David Petraeus
Secretary of Defense

The  nominee for Secretary of Defense.  Enter General David  Petraeus.   As  great as he was fighting a PC war, imagine what he’ll be like once  he and West have pressed the reset button on our rules of  engagement.  In Petraeus we will have a Secretary of Defense  whose mission will be to win.  PERIOD.  When our  case is just, VICTORY IS NOT A BAD WORD!  
Oh…but  we're not done yet…..
Attorney  General - Pam Bondi.

Bondi  is a no nonsense fighter who has taken on the current  administration over Obamacare and WILL clean out the corruption  rampant in that office today.  Okay,  where are we?  Who is now standing on the stage?  The  nominees so far are:  Allen West, John Bolton, Sarah Palin,  General Petreaus and Pam Bondi.  How  about a Secretary of the Treasury?  We would need someone who  has worked for YEARS in the tax field who understands the  overwhelming burden of tax codes and who has, for years fought to  restructure those codes.

Michele  Bachmann
Secretary of the Treasury.
By  now, fissures should be opening in the ground, rumbling coming  from the sky and the faint odor of ozone should be in the  air.   We  will need someone new…someone with new ideas to head up the  Fed.  

Please  welcome Ron Paul. Do ya' think he'd kick butt?  Do you  think the Fed would tremble?  You betcha! 
Governor  Bobby Jindal  Secretary  of the Interior…COME  ON DOWN!!!!!
And  finally…We need someone to head up the Department of Homeland  Security.  We must have someone who understands the issues we  face.  Someone who has worked in federal law  enforcement.  Someone who won’t take any crap from  anybody.  

Please…a  round of applause for…!

Sheriff  Joe Arpaio
Department of Homeland Security

Never  before has a presidential nominee entered the full-on campaign  with a fully assembled team.  Can you even imagine the  shock-and-awe wave which would be sent through the Obama regime  were the Romney to do this?    Think  about it.
Instead  of just Romney against Obama we would have:
Allen  West vs. Joe Biden
John  Bolton vs. Hillary Clinton
Sarah  Palin vs. Stephen Chu
General  Petraeus vs. Leon Panetta
Pam  Bondi vs. Eric Holder
Michele  Bachmann vs. Tim Geithner
Ron  Paul vs. Ben Bernanke
Bobby  Jindal vs. Ken Salazar
Sheriff  Joe Arpaio vs. Janet Napolitano
**Think  about that!**
Let  that sink in…all of them campaigning at once. There would be no  way out for Obama as each and every key player on his team would  be exposed and held to account from the word GO.  
It’s  bold,  brash  and completely against  any business as usual strategy.  Imagine!     An  entire assembled team of key cabinet positions.  Each one a  pit-bull on a T-Bone, hammering their liberal counterparts on  every issue, every day, from the word GO until November 6th,  2012.  


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