Friday, October 11, 2013

Seeds Within Seeds Forever

Forget the egocentric answers. Life probably has no meaning at all on the personal level. 

On the universal level, across a universe 14 billion years old, with a quintillion possible living worlds, perhaps there is a larger pattern. Life could be an emergent phenomenon of self-organization. Most things decay over time, but life builds, evolves, becomes something greater than its origins. Life sweeps up bits of information and patterns into knowledge, merging and joining knowledge into civilizations, shedding its local origins and spreading out, even to the stars.

Life starts small and grows.  A virus, a bacteriophage, a bacteria, a plankton, an insect, an animal, a human and an elephant all start as a seed of some kind.

Perhaps, at the end of time, life is indeed the Creator's reason, and what life becomes then, His purpose.  

Perhaps the Creator’s main invention is the seed.  And who knows how many levels of seeds within seeds were created?

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